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Why Patients Should Receive An Adjustment On Their First Chiropractic Visit

Frustrating First Visits

woman sitting on table shoulder adjustIt is not uncommon to hear similar stories from patients based on their past experiences with other chiropractors. The conversation usually goes something like this: “I went to this chiropractor, filled out paperwork, they checked me out with some digital scans, took x-rays, but I couldn’t receive any treatment that day because they needed to review and write a report of findings.” The patient is then told to schedule another visit and sometimes it is requested that they bring their significant other along so the findings and treatment plan can be discussed with them as well.

Patients describe feelings of disappointment and frustration over the delay in receiving care. In the above scenario, the patient now has to wait for a follow-up appointment to receive care and furthermore, may even need to reach out to their significant other in order to coordinate a day and time that works for both of them.

Identifying Immediate Issues

Many diagnostics performed at chiropractic offices such as x-rays, digital scans and spinal screenings, including the examination, yield immediate findings.

An experienced chiropractor can identify many abnormalities with relative ease and in most cases, a patient should be able to receive care on their first visit.

There are however, some instances where there are red flags found on examination indicating possible conditions beyond the scope of chiropractic that may need to be ruled out before initiating care with a chiropractor. In this case, you should be given a prompt referral to a specialist, orthopedic urgent care center or emergency room.

Putting Our Patients First

So why should patients receive an adjustment on their first chiropractic visit? Imagine going to a dentist with a toothache and not receiving some type of intervention to address the discomfort or to a medical doctor who won’t provide treatment until they dictate their findings into a report? If you are seeking chiropractic care due to neck pain, back pain or headaches and you want or need same day treatment, make sure to ask if enough time is allowed to provide a thorough examination and treatment on the first visit before scheduling your appointment.

At our practice, we provide care on your first visit if there are no conditions beyond the scope of chiropractic care. This may include a chiropractic adjustment, hot/cold packs, e-stim, ultrasound, traction or Rapid Release Therapy™.  Contact us today at (651) 779-9282 and get the relief you deserve!

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