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Your Partner in Personal Injury Cases

If you’re an attorney handling personal injury cases, you understand the importance of having a reliable and experienced expert by your side. At Maplewood Spine Chiropractic Center, we offer a range of benefits to attorneys seeking assistance with personal injury cases, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your clients.

Why Choose Dr. Greg Eastlund

Dr. Greg Eastlund is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of expertise in personal injury cases. He specializes in providing invaluable medical evidence, helping establish the cause & extent of injuries, and delivering expert case management & reports. When you partner with Dr. Eastlund, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge & experience that can significantly strengthen your cases.
  • Building Stronger Cases for Your Clients: Our primary goal is to assist attorneys in building robust cases that lead to favorable outcomes for their clients. We achieve this through:
  • Priority Scheduling: For personal injury cases requiring urgent care, we prioritize scheduling to ensure prompt attention and treatment.
  • Coordinating Care: We take a multidisciplinary approach to care, collaborating with specialists in various fields such as Neurology, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, and diagnostic centers for radiographic, CT, or MRI imaging. This comprehensive approach ensures your clients receive the best possible care.
  • Case Management: Streamline your workflow with our all-in-one solution for case-related information. We provide efficient management of case details, making your job easier and more organized.
  • Direct Communication: We understand that communication is key in legal matters. Attorneys partnering with us receive a direct contact number to expedite requests and address any case-related questions promptly.
  • Our Commitment to Your Clients’ Well-being: We prioritize not only the success of your cases but also the well-being of the injured parties. By coordinating care with other reputable and experienced specialists, we ensure a positive impact on your clients’ recovery and injury settlements. Our holistic approach focuses on helping injured individuals return to their daily activities as quickly as possible.

Your Trusted Partner

Choose Maplewood Spine Chiropractic Center as your trusted partner in personal injury cases. With Dr. Greg Eastlund’s expertise and our comprehensive services, you can enhance your legal practice and provide the best possible outcomes for your clients.


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