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Are You Feeling Rib Pain?

woman with back pain on couchRib pain can be a worrisome symptom, and for good reason due to the overlay of symptoms with the heart, lungs, and several other conditions. Rib pain can interfere with performing daily activities, cause discomfort in breathing and even trouble sleeping because it can be difficult to find a comfortable position.

What Symptoms Might Point to a Rib Misalignment?

If your primary care doctor cannot find a disease that is the source of any rib pain and in the absence of a known direct injury, an evaluation with a chiropractor to check for a rib misalignment may be a good next step. Symptoms of a rib misalignment are often described as

  • an uncomfortable sharp pain that can be pinpointed somewhere along the ribcage (either in the front or the back),
  • pain with certain movements,
  • pain with coughing or sneezing,
  • and/or pain when taking deep breaths.

Our ribs are quite flexible because the cartilage and soft tissues surrounding them assist in respiration, which allow us to breathe comfortably. Every time we breathe in, called inspiration, our ribcage expands. When we breathe out, called expiration, our ribcage contracts. Due to the constant motion of the ribs which are attached to the sternum and vertebrae, it is no surprise that a rib misalignment can cause discomfort that is impossible to ignore.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

The pain from a rib misalignment can be very uncomfortable. An experienced chiropractor can help to restore the proper position of the rib by utilizing a precise, gentle, chiropractic adjustment technique. Before your adjustment, it may be helpful to employ some physiotherapy modalities (heat, ice, E-stim, ultrasound) to help ease any surrounding tight muscles that may interfere with an optimal adjustment.

How Long Might Rib Pain Last?

The good news is that this condition is one of the easier conditions to treat and we find that rib misalignments often respond very quickly to chiropractic treatment, often in 1 to 2 visits. Although left untreated, a rib misalignment can start to snowball and affect other nearby muscles and joints causing further discomfort.

If you are feeling rib pain and your primary care doctor has ruled out other causes, contact us today at (651) 779-9282! We can help you find relief.

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